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  • Client-Intensive-2019

    What I shipped in 2019

    Each year I post a year in review highlighting the major breakthroughs and things I’m proud of. In the words of Seth Godin I look at what I have shipped. In 2019, I’ve decided to look at what has had the most impact in terms of my business […]

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  • what-i-shipped-2016

    What I shipped in 2016

    Each year (or at least most years), I share publicly, what I’ve managed to “ship” aka get out the door and share with the world. I share what went well and what didn’t go according to plan and where I’d like to improve. Business 2016 […]

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  • Adam Franklin Social Media Speaker

    How to get paid to speak

    With over 100 keynote presentations and dozens of workshops under my belt after 5 years as a professional speaker, I want to share what I’ve learned about being a better speaker and a better paid speaker (and the two don’t necessarily go hand in hand). […]

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  • Book Adam & Toby

    What I shipped in 2014

    Here my reflection of 2014. Business Book: Toby and I published our first book Web Marketing That Works (Wiley 2014).  This has been a goal of ours for many years and it was a proud moment when it came out.  Now of course we need […]

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  • Jump offs Bali

    The Uluwatu surf camp business experiment

    The goal since day one of our business has been to be able to do the work we love and do it from anywhere we choose. I’ve fortunate enough to have spent the last week working remotely in Bali as a very fun business experiment. […]

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  • Adam Franklin

    How to present

    I picked up Michelle Bowden’s book How to Present when I realised I’d forgotten to pack a book for my flight to Brisbane. I always love to pick up little tips that I can practice to make my presentations more exciting and keep the audience awake. […]

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  • Tobes wedding

    What I shipped in 2013

    Each year I record what was and wasn’t shipped (Seth’s vernacular). Most are documented goals, but some pop up and are worth writing in the blog post for the record. Here goes for 2103. Business Got a book deal with Wiley for Web Marketing That […]

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  • Elephant bath

    Where to go in India in June? Kerala – God’s Own Country

    If you’re wondering where to go in India in June?  It’s easy. Kerala, God’s Own Country. But firstly I must say that if you are going to India in June, it is monsoon season. And the rain really buckets down hard, but it also makes […]

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  • dancing-lizard

    Dancing with the lizard

    The lizard brain, the resistance, the voice in your head that you wrestle with as you contemplate bigger things. Seth Godin has called this the ‘lizard brain’ and labels it dangerous because it traps you in your comfort zone. In Ch 49 of Seth’s latest book The […]

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  • core_values

    How to define your core values

    Your core values can typically be discovered and defined once your team has reached the size of about 3-5 people.  If your team is larger, that’s OK too, just focus on your best people  – the ones you would enthusiastically rehire. Examine the qualities of your best people and […]

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