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  • greatWhite122

    Are you (predictably) irrational?

    I’ve always had a fascination with the psychology of human behaviour, especially the irrational. eg. Why are we so scared of sharks? But why aren’t we scared getting into a vehicle? Yet we average 300 road fatalities per year (in Queensland), and average 0.45 shark attack fatalities per year (in […]

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  • Tom-Peters

    Tom Peters’ 3 Words of Wisdom

    Tom Peters came to Australia to keynote the Growth Summit. At 68 years of age, Tom’s energy is amazing and his presentation was like a roller coaster ride. Drawing upon a lifetime of experience, he shoots off gems of knowledge at a rapid fire rate. […]

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  • Rework front and back

    10 Best Bits of Rework

    When my colleague Sam gave me Rework to read, I was thrilled.  It’s been on my wishlist for ages. 37 signals founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson like to march to the beat of a different drum. The way they started, run and choose not […]

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  • My childhood hero 'King Wally' Lewis

    How to meet your hero

    As a kid, my heroes were sporting stars like Wally Lewis, Keiran Perkins, Ian Healy & John Eales — and I eventually met them all! Even as an adult, I still get a rush from meeting my heroes. Now in my 30s, I am passionately […]

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  • Uluwatu

    What I shipped in 2010

    Inspired by what Seth Godin ‘shipped’ in 2010, here’s my list: What I shipped in 2010: Business: 1.  Bluewire events — 4 educational events (including David Meerman Scott live via satellite) 2. My personal blog — you’re reading it now! 3.  Web Strategy Planning Template […]

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  • by Seth Godin

    How to be a Linchpin (even if you own the business)

    I’d put off buying Linchpin by Seth Godin because I’d thought it was all about being indispensable at your job… and being a small business owner, I assumed it wasn’t going to be as relevant to me.  I was wrong. So, I eventually clicked on […]

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  • Jack Daly

    Take paid holidays whenever you want!

    Last week, Jack Daly was in Brisbane and he shared a few stories about culture.  The first was – a 10 year old company that was just bought by Amazon for $1.2 billion.  They started selling shoes online and have expanded into selling other apparel, but […]

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  • Meeting Gary Bertwistle

    Keeping the stoke alive

    Starting a business is like riding a roller coaster with highs and lows but never a dull moment.  One of the more challenging things to do is keep our stoke high. And more importantly, understand why it wanes and know how to re-invigorate it when […]

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  • Toby and myself at Growth Summit

    What I learnt from Verne Harnish at Growth Summit

    Verne Harnish was the drawcard for me attending the National Business Growth Summit in Sydney recently (7-8 Feb 2010). Not only was Verne outstanding as usual but he also introduced us to few other international speakers who I liked. First was David Meerman Scott, marketing […]

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