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  • dancing-lizard

    Dancing with the lizard

    The lizard brain, the resistance, the voice in your head that you wrestle with as you contemplate bigger things. Seth Godin has called this the ‘lizard brain’ and labels it dangerous because it traps you in your comfort zone. In Ch 49 of Seth’s latest book The […]

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  • My first marathon in 4:03:01

    What I shipped in 2011

    Following in from last year’s post, here’s the list of things I’ve shipped in 2011.  I’ve also included what I didn’t ship and mistakes I’ve learnt from. Business – Bluewire survived the Queensland floods and helped raise over $1200 at Bluewire’s 6th birthday party. – Launched […]

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  • SethPokeTheBox

    Poke the Box – thanks again Seth

    Many of my business and marketing friends pride themselves on having read every word Seth Godin has published.  I am not quite there yet, but I read his blog daily and have read at least 8 of his books. I bought one of his recent […]

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  • Uluwatu

    What I shipped in 2010

    Inspired by what Seth Godin ‘shipped’ in 2010, here’s my list: What I shipped in 2010: Business: 1.  Bluewire events — 4 educational events (including David Meerman Scott live via satellite) 2. My personal blog — you’re reading it now! 3.  Web Strategy Planning Template […]

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  • by Seth Godin

    How to be a Linchpin (even if you own the business)

    I’d put off buying Linchpin by Seth Godin because I’d thought it was all about being indispensable at your job… and being a small business owner, I assumed it wasn’t going to be as relevant to me.  I was wrong. So, I eventually clicked on […]

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  • Seth Godin - Tribes

    It’s uncomfortable leading a tribe

    Seth Godin always triggers many thought provoking ideas in his books and blog posts.   In Tribes, Seth addresses leadership and “why we need you to lead us.” The book has made me realise that leadership is up to you – the individual – it’s not […]

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