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  • dancing-lizard

    Dancing with the lizard

    The lizard brain, the resistance, the voice in your head that you wrestle with as you contemplate bigger things. Seth Godin has called this the ‘lizard brain’ and labels it dangerous because it traps you in your comfort zone. In Ch 49 of Seth’s latest book The […]

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  • core_values

    How to define your core values

    Your core values can typically be discovered and defined once your team has reached the size of about 3-5 people.  If your team is larger, that’s OK too, just focus on your best people  – the ones you would enthusiastically rehire. Examine the qualities of your best people and […]

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  • Bluewire team on the couch

    Would your team walk out on you?

    Having just finished What Got Your Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith, I was most thrilled with literally the last two pages of the book. Here he reveal the reasons why your team will or won’t leave your organisation.  It is based on […]

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  • Jim Collins at Leadership Summit

    What I learnt from Jim Collins at the Leadership Summit

    The Leadership Summit in Atlanta, was billed as Jim Collins‘ last public keynote before he went into the public or military sector, and since I had a speaking engagement in Hawaii two days beforehand, it was perfect timing to attend. Here’s what I learned from […]

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  • Matt McCauley

    Impossible goals – Gymbaree’s CEO Matt McCauley

    At Liz Wismean’s Multipliers Summit in San Francisco, we finished the day with a trip to the office of kids’ retailer Gymbaree. We had the privilege to meet  their CEO Matt McCauley who at 33 became the youngest CEO in the company’s history and is one […]

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  • Adam-Franklin-and-Toby-Jenkins

    Why I changed my title from (barely) Managing Director to Marketing Manager

    For the first four years my business partner Toby and I shared the same title. We were both the (barely) Managing Directors. We were barely managing because we had no obvious division of duties.   It was confusing us internally and didn’t differentiate us publicly. […]

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  • Gang-Culture

    Tribal Leadership

    Two books are mandatory reading reading at Tony Hsieh’s phenomenal company Zappos.com. 1. Good to Great 2. Tribal Leadership Most business owners have read Jim Collins’ classic Good to Great but I hadn’t heard of Dave Logan’s Tribal Leadership until recently. Tribal Leadership overview The authors describes tribes as comprising […]

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  • Death by Meeting

    How to Avoid Death by Meeting

    Patrick Lencioni is an author that Verne Harnish recommends so I started with the book Death by Meeting – a leadership fable about solving the most painful problem in the world. The book is about providing business owners, managers and CEOs the tools they need to perform in their most important […]

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  • The Flinch is a natural response

    Facing the Flinch

    ‘A book so important we refuse to charge for it.” That was written on the price tag of Julien Smith‘s book The Flinch which is a free download for Amazon Kindle. And it intrigued me enough to download it.  [To be honest I would’ve bought it since Julien had […]

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  • reuse towel

    Can I influence you to be persuasive?

    #1. How can changing 3 words send sales skywards? ANSWER: At the end of the blog post. #2. How come ‘what motivates me” is the WRONG approach for marketers? ANSWER: Half way down #3. Why must you get someone else to introduce you? ANSWER: First […]

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