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  • Death by Meeting

    How to Avoid Death by Meeting

    Patrick Lencioni is an author that Verne Harnish recommends so I started with the book Death by Meeting – a leadership fable about solving the most painful problem in the world. The book is about providing business owners, managers and CEOs the tools they need to perform in their most important […]

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  • My first marathon in 4:03:01

    What I shipped in 2011

    Following in from last year’s post, here’s the list of things I’ve shipped in 2011.  I’ve also included what I didn’t ship and mistakes I’ve learnt from. Business – Bluewire survived the Queensland floods and helped raise over $1200 at Bluewire’s 6th birthday party. – Launched […]

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  • The Flinch is a natural response

    Facing the Flinch

    ‘A book so important we refuse to charge for it.” That was written on the price tag of Julien Smith‘s book The Flinch which is a free download for Amazon Kindle. And it intrigued me enough to download it.  [To be honest I would’ve bought it since Julien had […]

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  • As your being introduced, breath slowly!

    Speaking to Win – 11 Tips

    Sometimes what works for Yanks doesn’t always wash with us Aussies, especially when it comes to speaking! So I approached this book with a very open mind but was also prepared to adjust on the fly as I put Brian’s advice into practice. By the […]

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  • SethPokeTheBox

    Poke the Box – thanks again Seth

    Many of my business and marketing friends pride themselves on having read every word Seth Godin has published.  I am not quite there yet, but I read his blog daily and have read at least 8 of his books. I bought one of his recent […]

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  • bob-book

    What’s Your Inside Advantage Asks Robert Bloom

    I am usually quite wary of books written by old school advertisers, mainly because many of their beliefs and strategies were formulated before the web came along.   And of course a lot has changed in the last 15 years with the web. However I […]

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  • Tony Hsieh

    10 Business tips you can learn from Zappos

    If you haven’t heard of Zappos yet, I’m sure you’ll come across them a lot more if you keep them on your radar.  The ‘short story’ is that they started 10 years ago as an online shoe retailer and got bought by Amazon in 2009 […]

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  • greatWhite122

    Are you (predictably) irrational?

    I’ve always had a fascination with the psychology of human behaviour, especially the irrational. eg. Why are we so scared of sharks? But why aren’t we scared getting into a vehicle? Yet we average 300 road fatalities per year (in Queensland), and average 0.45 shark attack fatalities per year (in […]

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  • reuse towel

    Can I influence you to be persuasive?

    #1. How can changing 3 words send sales skywards? ANSWER: At the end of the blog post. #2. How come ‘what motivates me” is the WRONG approach for marketers? ANSWER: Half way down #3. Why must you get someone else to introduce you? ANSWER: First […]

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  • Tom-Peters

    Tom Peters’ 3 Words of Wisdom

    Tom Peters came to Australia to keynote the Growth Summit. At 68 years of age, Tom’s energy is amazing and his presentation was like a roller coaster ride. Drawing upon a lifetime of experience, he shoots off gems of knowledge at a rapid fire rate. […]

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