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  • Jim Collins at Leadership Summit

    What I learnt from Jim Collins at the Leadership Summit

    The Leadership Summit in Atlanta, was billed as Jim Collins‘ last public keynote before he went into the public or military sector, and since I had a speaking engagement in Hawaii two days beforehand, it was perfect timing to attend. Here’s what I learned from […]

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  • Death by Meeting

    How to Avoid Death by Meeting

    Patrick Lencioni is an author that Verne Harnish recommends so I started with the book Death by Meeting – a leadership fable about solving the most painful problem in the world. The book is about providing business owners, managers and CEOs the tools they need to perform in their most important […]

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  • Seth Godin - Tribes

    It’s uncomfortable leading a tribe

    Seth Godin always triggers many thought provoking ideas in his books and blog posts.   In Tribes, Seth addresses leadership and “why we need you to lead us.” The book has made me realise that leadership is up to you – the individual – it’s not […]

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